About the Best New Product Awards

The Best New Product Awards is an annual awards program focusing on everyday consumer packaged goods products (food, health and beauty, and household). Winners are selected based on voting by both real consumers and verified product purchases through our Shopper Army Panel as well as those who participate in the annual Best New Product Award Survey. Over thousands of Canadian consumers participate from across the country, making it one of the largest consumer surveys about new product development in Canada.

In addition to voting, consumers provide their feedback on their media habits, purchasing behaviours, interests, attitudes and much more. Coined the BrandSpark Canadian Shopper Study, this information is provided to participating companies and gives marketers valuable consumer insights in the area of new products and innovation.

The program has quickly become the consumer’s choice, giving shoppers the confidence they need when confronted with purchase decisions.

The most credible CPG award program

  • The awards are 100% consumer voted, where winners are decided by the responses of consumers who have purchased the products. There are no juries.
  • Over 60,000 Canadian shoppers participate, making it the nation’s largest CPG awards program.
  • All categories include 3-5 new innovative products* that fulfill the same consumer need from at least 2 manufacturers, ensuring that no manufacturer can buy a win.
  • A proven credential that helps deliver a 10-18% sales lift ***

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* Rare exceptions can occur only if there are just 2 new products from 2 manufacturers in the category.
** BrandSpark Canadian Shopper Study, 2012.
*** Based on BNPA retailer partner sales data and Nielsen scan data for the winning products.

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