Frequently Asked Questions

How are the products that are part of the program selected?

Ever year, we open the Best New Product Awards to all manufacturers to enter their new food, health and beauty, household care, and kids products products. We include categories most relevant to current consumer trends and attitudes.

Who votes?

Thousands of real consumers from across the country are recruited through our Shopper Army Platform to purchase, try and review the nominated products. Additionally, shoppers are also invited to vote on the products via an online survey. We conduct an extensive screening to ensure the voters are the principal shoppers for their homes and purchase products in the category they are voting on.

How do the products win?

Each product receives a score, a percentage of which is based on the repurchase intent of those consumers who have tried the product while the other percentage is based on how appealing shoppers find the product to be. Our proprietary scoring system engages real shoppers who have actually purchased the product and are prepared to repurchase it again – a very high standard.

How are the categories set?

Each product is part of a category that consists of a minimum of three products from at least two different manufacturers. This ensures no one company can buy a win.

What is the BrandSpark Canadian Shopper Study and how is it connected to the Best New Product Awards?

As part of the Best New Product Awards survey that determines the winning products, consumers are also asked questions regarding their attitudes towards new products, family life, health issues, the environment, food and much more. This information is presented in the BrandSpark Canadian Shopper Study, making it one of the largest surveys available on the  Canadian shopper. Simultaneously conducted in the USA, Mexico, Turkey, China and other markets, it allows analysis of  key differences and similarities across the globe. We share the results of this valuable study with participating companies and well-respected media outlets.

Who conducts the Best New Product Awards survey and the BrandSpark Canadian Shopper Study?

The Best New Product Awards program was developed and is managed by BrandSpark International, an independent market research company based in Toronto. IMI International, an independent market research firm, is responsible for the scoring and final assessment of winners. BrandSpark is also responsible for the development and analysis of the BrandSpark Canadian Shopper Study.

How is the BNPA program different from all other awards programs?

  • Verified product purchasers
  • Amazon Media Campaign
  • Ability to syndicate ratings and reviews to E-commerce channels
  • 100% consumer voted, no juries
  • Backed by leading research companies BrandSpark International


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