About the Best New Product Awards

The Best New Product Awards is an annual awards program focusing on everyday consumer packaged goods products (food and beverage, health and beauty, kids, and household). Winners are selected based on voting by real consumers who participate in The Best New Product Awards survey. The program, now in its 10th year, gives shoppers the confidence they need when confronted with purchase decisions.

What products qualify?

New and innovative products in the beauty, food, beverage (including alcoholic) , health, personal care, household, kids and pet categories launched between January 1st, 2017 and November 1st, 2017. If you are not sure if your product qualifies, please contact us.

Who votes?

Thousands of consumers from across America participate in a survey to decide the Best New Products, along with real purchasers who have recently tried the product. The winners are determined 100% by shoppers without any jury or editorial bias.

How are winners determined?

Each product receives a research based score based on the repurchase intent of those consumers who have tried the product as well as the concept appeal of your product. This ensures the winners are products that consumers feel are worth spending their money on.

How are the categories set?

Each product is part of a category that consists of a minimum of 3 products from at least 2 different manufacturers. This ensures no one company can buy a win and ensures that your win will be seen as credible by consumers and the media.

Who conducts the research?

Leading market research company Brandspark International conducts the research. BrandSpark is an independent market research company that has a unique and deep understanding of the shopper and has been conducting the highly regarded annual BrandSpark Shopper Study across North America and internationally.

What makes us better than other awards?

  • 100% consumer voted, no juries or editorial bias because real consumers get to try your product, rate & review it
  • All categories include 3-5 new innovative products* that fulfill the same consumer need from at least 2 manufacturers, ensuring that no manufacturer can buy a win.
  • It is a proven credential that helps deliver ROI with some leveraged winners having a 10-18% sales lift*
  • The program is run by a leading independent research firm BrandSpark International, a Gold Seal Member of the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA) and ESOMAR member.

*Source: Based on sales at actual stores. Drug retailer category sales and BNPA winner sales with flyer promotion. Percentages shown are monthly sales relative to January 2010 sales.

Entry and Winners Package Information


Entrance fee: $4,500 early bird (entries submitted before August 11th, 2017), and $5,000 regular (entries submitted after August 11th, 2017 until November 1st, 2017)


  • Ratings and Quality Reviews:NEW On average 50 or more real ratings & reviews from verified Shopper Army purchasers delivered as soon as 6 weeks within entering. These can be presented as review content on your brand site, leveraged as consumer testimonials in digital, social or other media.
    • These ratings and reviews can be posted to e-commerce platforms to boost your product ranking and sales!
    • SPECIAL: For bazaarvoice clients, reviews can be syndicated directly through the bazzarvoice network*
  • Inclusion in our national nominees PR campaign with over 8 million impressions**
    • Feature spot on nationally syndicated morning show “Coffee with America”
  • Inclusion in our Amazon Media Group nominees campaign
  • Inclusion in a national Shopper Army Winners Contest
  • PRODUCT SCORECARD: packed full of insights and KPI’s including quality, value, purchase intent, overall satisfaction, in-store product findability and standout score
  • The option to have us feature your product through social media influencers that reach your target audience


Winners fee: $12,500 (only payable if your product wins)


  • The 2018 Best New Product Awards logo license with no end date
    • Ability to leverage the logo on all of your sales and marketing materials
  • Inclusion in our winners PR campaign with over 150 million multi-media impressions*
    • National distributed press release via Newswire
    • Inclusion in earned media outreach efforts (Morning Shows, Articles, Influencers)
    • Feature spot on “Coffee with America”
  • 30-second professionally produced videoNEW highlighting what consumers loved about your product, this can be used as digital content, used on social media and other vehicles.
  • The option to promote on our Best New Product branded NEW Ibotta digital campaign

* Estimate based on 2017 campaign results and may vary
** Will be invoiced following announcement of winners.
*** Please note that you cannot withdraw once entered

Launch Timing for Eligible Products

Products are eligible for participation in the 2018 BNPAs if they were launched between Jan 1st, 2017 and November 1st, 2017 represent a meaningful product innovation, and have sufficient distribution to allow product purchasers to find it.